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Wedding Flowers

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 9:11 PM

The wedding flowers set the tone of the wedding. Flowers are always been the symbol for happiness and joy. By adding flowers to your wedding, you are expressing happiness, joy, style, and taste. Flowers come in different shapes and colors. So, there are many ways to express through flowers.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

A variety of flowers may be abundant on a particular season (summer, fall, winter, and spring). Thus, the flower theme may be different for each season. Typically, the roses and lilies are the wedding flower of choice. However, more variety of flowers appears in a contemporary wedding. Here are a few popular wedding flowers with their description.


This flower is the most popular garden flower. Rose is coin from Latin word Rosa. Each color has special meaning. For example, red means love, white means purity or innocence, yellow means friendship, and orange means desire and enthusiasm. Roses can also have many meaning on how you give the rose. For example, three roses mean I love you, and ninety nine roses mean lots of love. The rose petals are a favorite for wedding tosses.

Calla Lilies

The flower is from the Greek word "Kallos". It means beauty. The beautiful arrow shaped flower provides an incomparable elegance to the wedding. The flower is also called Water Arum, Bog Arum, Wild Calla, and Water Dragon. The lilies bloom between June and July.

Casa Blanca Lilies

This flower has the most romantic flower name. The wedding roles of the flowers are to provide the classic beauty and romance of wedding. Meanwhile, the natural fragrance lifts the height and drama of the wedding.


It is the national flower of Spain. The flower vibrates with pinkish-hued natural color. Now, the florists manage to cultivate red, white, yellow, and green flowers. The name of the flower is believed to come from "coronation", or "corone". And, the Greek used the flower as a crown flower garland.


It is a flower with central trumpet crown. The crown sits around flower petals. The natural color is gold yellow. Nowadays, breeders developed several rows to resemble a golden yellow ball, compressed crown to resemble bottle soda cap, or frilled petal to resemble daisy petals.


It is the national flower of Mexico. The name of the flower is from Swedish 18th century botanist called Anders Dahl. The flower is brightly and stunningly colored with many pointy flower petals.


The flower brightens the wedding. The most popular is the Shanty Daisy. It has a yellow center which is surrounded with white petals.


It is cluster of flowers which is waxy, scented, and star-shaped. After a few days, the flowers fade to yellow. You will often see the flower in bridal corsages, bouquets, and decorations. And, the flower emits a long lasting sweet scent. So, the bridal corsages and bouquets add a distinct style of the wedding dresses of the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids.


The flower grows in cold climate areas. The bell shaped flower come in vibrant red, yellow, white, and yellow. Popular in Netherlands, North America, and Australia, they made a festival out of the flower.

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