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Written By Unknown on Sunday, June 19, 2011 | 8:11 PM

Wedding day is very special day not only for the couple to marry, but their families and relatives. In most cases, the bride is the focus of attention on her wedding day, so you should look. Wedding hair, makeup and overall atmosphere is perfect. However, in some cases the bride to be very busy preparing for the wedding and forget to prepare for the wedding. It will not happen, and prevention must be months before the products on their wedding day. 

Makeup plays a major role in creating the appearance of the perfect bride. Makeup can make or break a picture bride, so you need to do very well. Most brides prefer to have a professional makeup artist wedding makeup, because it is very convenient. This can save you from all problems caused by this makeup, because asked the artist to take care of your appearance. 

What you should do is to tell the artists on the details of marriage and created a look that is right for you. However, if you have any ideas on how you want to see or want to copy the look, just say that it will use the makeup you want. 

Makeup artist I know how to use makeup on the skin. Makeup Primer is very important because it is a skin for the application of makeup. This will give you something to keep the base. Next exercise is the basis on which to match the color of your skin. The Foundation, which is very light on your skin appear dull, but one that is very weak, and will look dark.

A good rule is small enough to hide the flaws and omissions. However, when the points are very important, it is appropriate to use hidden. You should also keep in mind to match the eye color on the lips, cheeks and the issue of wedding.
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