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The History of Prom Dresses

Written By Rashad Merrell on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 | 7:33 PM

A prom dress is often a status symbol and the right way to express individuality. A unique, custom or designer dress announces the fact that wearer sits at the top of the social ladder. Dresses also signal what 'clique' you are in, whether it deemed a black, vampire-like gown for the Goth girls or perhaps Jessica McClintock strapless number indeed, this will choice of lots of girls while in the popular posse.

Along with a wedding dress, probably the most important gowns a person will wear in her lifetime are actually a prom dress. A hallmark event in any teenagers' life, the prom has gone with a sweetheart's soiree at any local high school gym to an over-the-top bacchanal often managed at high-end hotels or possibly in school gyms which were transformed, using elaborate in addition to expensive themes. And nevertheless, as the years pass by, the crucial element within the prom remains the same exact: unique prom dress.

The particular Ladylike Look of 1960s Proms. The prom dress within the 1960s was slimmed down a small bit. No longer were dresses billowing tulle and satin creations. Dresses were often straight, making the whole body look slender, with material that ranged from taffeta to be able to satin. Necklines were seldom low and there appeared to be a monochromatic look that added to the natural elegance.

While some researchers identify the first prom as soon as the late 1800s, they became a state stamp on American culture inside the 1950s. In the Eisenhower Time, prom dresses were created to accentuate a girl's hourglass physique. Ballerina-length skirts, usually constructed from tulle or lace, fanned out of nipped waists. Heart-shaped bodices carried the breasts front in addition to middle while swan-like necks have been usually left bare. As for the dresses themselves, the palettes leaned toward pastels, making the garments symbols of innocence.

The prom dress of the period took a cue because of Jackie O and strove toward ladylike silhouettes. Despite the revolution that was boiling under the top of youth culture, prom clothing continued touting the female.

The 1970s prom dress deviated slightly from the look of the 1960s, with less emphasis on elegance and far more on a sense in bohemian casualness. Monochromatic wedding gowns were still popular, and skirts were continuing to often long and billowy correspond the Farah Fawcett hair.
To get a picture on the 1980s prom dress, needs look no further than the Molly Ringwood roll film oeuvre.

 Scanning the prom scene in "Pretty in Pink" demonstrates the prom gown for the 80s was sometimes short and sometimes long, but usually with puffed sleeves, girlfriend necklines and bright styles.
The dresses of the 80s correspond with the cultural mood, as proms took with a larger-than-life status and became the set small little bit of lots of teenage movies. In a few ways, the ruffled shoulders and necklines for the grandiose dresses reflect it trend.

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