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Simple Tips on Choosing Wedding Dresses for Fat Girls

Written By Rashad Merrell on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 | 9:34 PM

Choosing simple wedding dress is the basic standard for fat girls to buy wedding dresses. This is because complex designs and too many embellishments can easily aggravate visual effects, leading to a cumbersome feeling. Today, we will give three simple tips to help those fat girls to select suitable wedding dresses.
Tip1: for those girls who is fat on waists and hips
This kind of girls needs to hide their big hips, so they should avoid choosing ball gown wedding dresses which may highlight the fat body. A-line wedding dresses seem better. The fabric should be satin because the draped satin skirt can easily stretch body line. The embellishments on the dresses should be as simple as possible to avoid a burdensome feeling. (Refer to the first picture)
Tip2: for those girls who are fat on the whole bodies
Column wedding dresses is the top choice for these girls because column wedding dresses can hide the fat waist. The fabric should avoid tulle and organza. Those dresses with linellae decorations on the waistline may be better because they achieve an ideal visual effect. (Refer to the second picture)
Tip3: for those girls who are not fat on waists but fat on arms and chests
Wedding dress with tough fabric such as taffeta is much better for these girls because it may hide the strong arms. Those with sashes can be chosen to highlight slim waist. Strapless neckline, open back design, and short dresses should be avoided. (Refer to the third picture)



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