Simple Wedding Dresses with Black Accents

Written By Rashad Merrell on Thursday, May 24, 2012 | 8:47 PM

We seldom see a pure black wedding dress, but it looks quite alternative. However, we can often see wedding dresses with black accents. A white wedding dress must be quite outstanding if it is decorated with some black accents, even if it is only a simple wedding dress. Some proper and natural black decorations may add great glamour to the white simple wedding dresses.
The most commonly seen black accent on a white simple wedding dress must be black sash. The sash may be adorned with a black bow or a handmade flower. This kind of black sash will make the simple wedding dress more eye-catching. Besides, we can also see white simple wedding dresses with black trim details like black lace, black appliqués, black embroidery, and so on. These trims can also add eye-catching appeal to the simple wedding dresses.
You must be careful when you are using black to decorate your white dress, because improper decorations will make your white dress alternative and strange. For example, we seldom see a black bow on the chest of a white dress. This chest black bow looks quite unnatural with the white dress.

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